Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lemon Vinaigrette

There are only a couple bottled salad dressings I really like.  Newman's Own Original is a family favorite that I use in pasta salads.

But for years I've tried to perfect a homemade vinaigrette which both my husband and I liked.  Then I saw this recipe used by a TV chef and decided to try it that evening.  It was wonderful, just enough lemon for me but not overpowering as when I've tried to use just lemon for him.

It's also very simple:
Juice of two lemons
Vinegar equal to the amount of lemon juice (I now use all lemon juice since my husband became sensitive to vinegar.)
Two to three times oil to the amount of the combination of lemon and vinegar (to taste)*
Salt and pepper (optional: Italian blend herbs)**

I mix mine up in a canning jar or jelly jar and just give it a shake before using it.  Yum... I have been using it on a lettuce salad but this would also work great with an Israeli type salad of just tomatoes and cucumbers with perhaps some parsley.

*  I like to use all non GMO canola oil if it is to be refrigerated.  I use half canola oil and half olive oil if I'm going to use it right away.  I probably use 2 1/2 times the oil to the lemon-vinegar mixture.  The less oil you use, the more acidic the vinaigrette will be.

** Always add your extra ingredients like salt to the vinegar before adding the oil.  It "melts" into the vinegar easier.

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Shug said...

thanks for the recipe...sounds soooo goood!! I'm particular about dressings, but I know this one will certainly make my taste buds sing..