Sunday, August 27, 2006


I have decided to post all recipes on this blog to keep life simple and make it easier for you to come back and find a recipe.

I'm starting (finally) to assemble a family cookbook. I have had the information for a few years but other priorites got in the way. So...I figured if I'm typing these recipes anyway, I'll share them here.

I have loved to cook since I was a little girl. Like many people who love to cook, I also love to read cookbooks and cooking magazines. My styles of cooking have changed throughout the years but I've always liked to use healthy, fresh ingredients most of the time. My guys like Midwestern meat and potatoes (and casseroles) kinda' cooking, which I make two or three times a week.

I also love to make deserts. I'm famous for my deserts, especially cookies. There is one itty bitty challenge, here. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic. I'd love to be a pastry chef but alas, just the aroma of that much sugar would probably cause my demise. Instead I bake and share what I've baked with family, friends and neighbors. Sometimes I have a few of my own cookies but that is another story...

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